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Zone Recovery EA V10 Expert Advisor Continuous profits

 Zone Recovery EA V10 Expert Advisor Continuous profits

 Zone Recovery EA is your tool to convert your lost and lost trades into 100% guaranteed profits into profitable trades using the "Never Lose Again" strategy. Let the price move and move how you want it in the place you want it does not matter and here the "Zone Recovery" strategy works - it will benefit from the amazing and  Zone Recovery from the situation. 100% guaranteed! The secret behind this awesome EA is a popular commercial algorithm known as the “Winning Zone Recovery Algorithm” or “Zone Recovery” strategy.

 Zone Recovery EA is very easy to use. It opens trading in the trend market, regardless of direction. Simply enter the winning level without stopping the loss! Again, say goodbye to loss again. You will not lose money again because your trade reaches the stop loss! Instead, this EA uses a smart hedging strategy that turns losing trades into truly successful and profitable trades even into profits. In the event that the market moves in a direction in the direction of profits that does not stop, the recovery algorithm of the region begins to cover its trade by placing an order opposite to the same pair in the event of an ascending, the EA will open a purchase and if the price is reversed, the EA will open short positions, but with multiple contract sizes. If the market returns again, it will start the same process again. The result is a "successful and ultimately profitable trading channel" with higher TP, lower TP and an alternative set of buy and sell transactions at certain levels and at different sizes within that channel. Once you reach one of the TP levels and we all know that the highest or lowest TP is completely safe, all open positions will be closed with a common win. You will say goodbye to the losses and welcome to the continued profits

Suppose you entered the market now with 0.01 lots, = 100 pips and TakeProfit = 200 pips.  Zone Recovery EA issues a pending stop order to cover your position in a predetermined period of time rather than being set from the stop loss setting. What can we predict with certainty The market is either moving up or down, there is no other option. It may take some time, but it will move and win in the end

  There is more than one scenario, the first is scenario 1, the price goes directly to the target, or scenario 2: the market drops and reaches the recovery level. The transaction opens in the opposite direction with a different contract size. A pending order is also placed for the new item for this order. A new profit taking is established for all transactions. This process is repeated every time the market trend changes, until profit taking is taken and all trades are closed at a profit