plastic injection machine | The world's smallest dish screw micro-molding injection machine plastic injection moulding machine

plastic injection machine | The world's smallest dish screw micro-molding injection machine plastic injection moulding machine

    plastic injection machine | The world's smallest dish screw micro-molding injection machine plastic injection moulding machine

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    plastic injection machine | The world's smallest dish screw micro-molding injection machine plastic injection moulding machine
    In recent years, many micro-molding technologies based on polymers have been paid attention to and actively developed. For example, micro-injection molding, micro-cast molding, micro-compression molding and other technologies have been applied to precision micro-products such as biomedicine, electronics, and micro-electromechanical. on. Polymer materials offer a wide range of physical and chemical properties, and have the advantages of low cost and easy mass production, making micro-injection molding the most important technology in micro-molding plastic injection machine

    In micro-molding technology, the use of micro-injection molding technology to form products with micro-features or micro-sizes has shown commercial potential in recent years. Micro-injection molding technology is considered to have high productivity due to its short molding cycle. Many micro-sized or micro-featured products, such as micro-optical components, micro-pulls, micro-heat exchangers, bio-wafers, etc. Successfully formed using micro-injection molding technology. In the research of micro-injection molding, Zhao proposed that the measurement accuracy and pressure holding time of the melt have the greatest influence on the molding quality. Recently, the research proposed by Chen pointed out that the mold temperature and the holding pressure significantly affect the correctness of the forming plastic injection machine.

    plastic injection machine

    In the micro-injection molding process, the polymer melt is injected from the nozzle at high speed and high pressure after precision measurement, which means that the melt is filled with high shear strain rate and high shear stress into the micro-features. In the dimensional cavity, it can be found that in the micro-injection molding technology, the performance requirements of the hardware equipment are very strict, especially the parts produced by micro-injection molding are quite small and precise, so the machine has high performance, Stability is also very important.

    However, since there is no special micro-injection molding machine, only the conventional small-tonnage injection molding machine is used for molding, which is not only unable to meet the requirements of precision molding, injection, and pressure control, etc., when molding a minute product. It often leads to the inability of the melt to be effectively molded in the microstructure, or the inability to accurately control the amount of material, which often results in burrs, and because the mold cannot be properly miniaturized, it also forces the cost of the mold to increase. In addition, when the product having microfeatures becomes large or the geometry of the microstructure becomes complicated, the molding precision of the micro-injection molded product may be lowered.

    Traditional injection molding machine

    The traditional injection molding machine system can be divided into four parts:

     Oil pressure / motor system The oil pressure / motor system of the injection machine provides the power to drive the relevant mechanism of the injection machine, including switch mold, high pressure clamping, rotation and propulsion screw, drive ejector pin and moving male formwork.

     The injection system includes components such as the hopper, screw and barrel combination and nozzle. The main function is to plasticize and transport the melt, so that the melt can complete the processes of feeding, compressing, exhausting, melting, injecting and holding pressure.

    Mold system Includes templates for fixed formwork, moving formwork, runner system, ejector pin and cooling line. The main function is to shape the melt into the desired shape and size in the cavity.

     The clamping system is mainly used to open and close the mold, and can move the movable side of the template to generate enough thrust to prevent the mold from being pushed out by the injection pressure. Due to the traditional injection molding machine, the design is aimed at the manufacture of large workpieces, such as weight error amount, volume error amount, injection parameters, etc., which do not need to be too strict. On the other hand, since the micro-injection molding has a shot amount of only a few milligrams to several hundred milligrams, the function of the micro-injection molding machine is much more remarkable than that of the conventional injection molding machine.

    Dish screw micro-molding injection machine

    In the dish screw micro-molding injection machine, the most special place is the plasticizing plasticizing unit with innovative disc screw, and designed with the concept completely different from the traditional injection molding machine, its functional requirements High injection speed, precision metering, high stability and fast response capability. The new machine architecture designed includes:

    Disc Screw The screw of the general molding machine is a long rod shape, and the flat disc screw is a disc shape, which is designed by the Weissenberg Effect. The spiral groove is designed on the flat surface, and has a mechanism for feeding from the outside to the inside, and the inner and outer circumferences of the spiral groove are excellent in mixing effect due to the difference in speed plastic injection machine.

     Built-in hot runner system The hot runner is the most commonly used method for the placement of hot runners. However, the hot runner price under this condition can be very expensive, but in the dish screw micro-molding injection machine. In the middle, the hot runner is matched with the injection molding machine, in addition to controlling the cost and reducing the price of the mold, and the result of zero scrap can be achieved due to the lack of material.

     High-efficiency reducers generally use a reducer in order to achieve efficiency and generate sufficient power, but because of the high deceleration ratio, the result is low transmission efficiency and loss of servo motor power, but in the disc screw micro-molding injection machine The new high-efficiency reducer with new development can combine high efficiency deceleration with low kinetic energy loss.

    . Set molds In order to miniaturize the mold, a systematic set mold was developed. Since the mold is made smaller, it has three advantages of shortening the mold making time, reducing the manufacturing cost, and reducing the space occupied by the mold. And with a newly developed frame mold mechanism, the mold can be easily removed from the injection machine or removed from the injection machine.

    In addition to the above four special designs, in terms of the power of all movable mechanisms, it is driven by three high-precision servo motors, providing micro-injection molding machines for high precision, high torque (high response speed) and high stability. Sexual performance requirements. Therefore, the volume of the injection machine is controlled to a relatively small size, and the relevant machine specifications are as follows:.

    And its performance specifications are as follows
    Maximum injection pressure: 3274 (kg)
    Maximum rate of fire: 60 (mm/sec)
    Measuring accuracy: 0.001 (mm)
    The limit shot time precision is 0.01 (sec)
    Preservation time accuracy 0.1 (sec)
    The rate of fire from zero to the maximum response is 0.05 (sec)
    The rate of fire from the maximum to zero response is 0.05 (sec)
    Pressure holding switching error value of 0.1 (sec)

    The driving power only needs 110V/220V, and the volume is very compact. In addition to convenient operation, it is also simple in structure and equipped with a hot runner system, which can save energy consumption and zero waste.

    in conclusion

    In recent years, with the advancement of technology and the improvement of quality of life, the light, thin and small products in the 3C industry can only be regarded as basic requirements. In addition to the quality and precision requirements of products, energy conservation and environmental protection are required. With the development of ultra-thin, ultra-small and ultra-precision products, the performance requirements of the molding machine are gradually improved, especially for micro-injection molding machines. In order to respond to precision molded products, the injection machine must have high response. High-speed performance to increase the fluidity of the melt during the filling process. For ultra-small, ultra-precision part forming machines, high-precision melt metering is required to ensure product stability of the molded product, yet high stability and high precision. The clamping mechanism is also a must. Through the detailed description of the principle of the disc screw micro-molding injection machine and the experimental comparison of the in-mold pressure monitoring, and the verification of various application cases, the micro-molding injection machine using the disc screw can be clearly known. It can meet the machine performance requirements of molding precision and micro-products, and has high efficiency, energy saving and high-efficiency characteristics of materials. It is an indispensable molding equipment in the future micro-forming technology

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